The people we want to thank are some dear friends of ours who live in Huron.  I would rather not reveal their names, but how we got to know them was through our son Aaron.  Their son became good friends with Aaron when they both marched for the SDSU Pride of the Dakotas.  The two also lived on the same floor in Pierson.


After Aaron passed away, Aaron's friend approached his parents (and us) about starting up a scholarship in Aaron's name.  One thing led to another and soon two yearly scholarships were established.  Fast forward to today - thanks to our dear friends, it's now grown into an Endowment, providing two annual scholarships forever.  Meaning long after we're all gone, two students each year will still be receiving money in Aaron's name so they can continue on with their studies at SDSU.


How do you properly say "Thank You" for such a generous gift?  We know what we want to say, we just can't seem to put it down on paper.  It's almost as if words can't begin to describe our appreciation for what they've done - for remembering our son, Aaron, in such a wonderful and giving way.  It's also a beautiful way of honoring their son and his lasting friendship with Aaron.


I should point out, these are people we didn't get to know until after Aaron passed away.  If only they could look into our hearts and see how much we treasure their friendship...and actions...and how special they are to us.  We always knew Aaron had a way of picking great friends, but it's apparent he also had a knack for choosing friends from wonderful families.


Here on Earth, we often hear about Heaven being an "indescribable" place.  The same could be said regarding the feeling we have in our hearts towards this loving and caring family.  My hope is someday Aaron will be able to thank them himself.


Thank you so much and may God bless you and keep you safe - Chad, Suzette & Jesse