Lawmakers in Puerto Rico are discussing a bill that would issue a fine to parents that have children that are considered obese.

No, this isn't a joke. The purposed bill would fine parents up to $800 if their children are considered obese and don't try to improve their health.

Senator Gilberto Rodriguez has pushed the bill forward with the goal to help make kids healthier. Under the purposed bill, teachers and counselors would determine who is obese and then put kids on a nutrition plan.

According to Time, the fines would start if no improvement is shown from the children under the new plan. Fines would begin at $500 and could rise upwards of $800 if it continues over a period of time.

The definitions of what would be considered "obese" based on the situation might be difficult to determine. Just as an example, a co-worker of mine has a preschooler who weighs 42 pounds and 3'1. According to him, she is lighting fast and skinny. Under the Body Mass Index for a near five year old, his child would be considered obese in the 99th percentile.

Hearings for the bill are schedule to begin on Friday, February 13, 2015. What are your thoughts on this potential bill?