Today is a holiday! President's Day! We are celebrating the births of George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln. Congress is taking the week off, and President Obama is playing golf with Tiger Woods in Florida. Schools, banks, most local and state governments, and the post office are not open. The decision makers in those institutions, decided their employees needed the day to reflect on the accomplishments and sacrifices of those great men.

Retailers are remembering with sales, furniture, cars, and clothing are being sold at low prices as "President's Day" savings

I have not been invited to any "Remember and Celebrate Washington and Lincoln" parties. I am not an "A" or even "B" list person, so I am not surprised. Certainly people are gathering somewhere to recall Washington's life as the first President, and his hard work as commander of the colonial army(such as it was) to defeat the British, enabling the colonies to become independent. Equally as certain, folks are getting together to remember Lincoln, President during the civil war. Arguably the most difficult time in our history.

Since I am not going to any of those parties, I am taking today to reflect on the difficult challenges those men faced, and how, as mere mortals, they faced adversity and prevailed, without computers, the internet, facebook, twitter, and cell phones.