Losers hate sore winners.  It raises the stakes in the next battle.  Then the ensuing triumph by the defeated opponent becomes sweeter.  The recent shut down of United States embassies throughout the Middle East provides a parallel between the current President and his predecessor.

President George W. Bush stood on a flight deck and declared Mission Accomplished after the fall of Saddam Hussein.  It was a moment that was premature and arrogant while providing motivation to a scorned enemy.  The major military victory during the first term in office helped to propel Bush 43 to a second electoral triumph, but was just a temporary sugar high.

President Barack Obama was more subdued in his initial announcement of Osama Bin Laden’s demise.  However when it came to re-election time, Al Qaeda was purported to be “on the run” because of the death of their leader and drone strikes that took out major portions of the terrorist cell.  Obama won his second term, but recent reports indicate that Al Qaeda is a resurgent organization.

Let this be a lesson to all.  The opponent doesn’t like the winner admiring himself over what has just transpired.  In baseball, the players police the game with a beanball.  When it comes to war, the stakes are infinitely higher than what goes on in a silly game.