I am slowly in the process of rewatching the best little zombie apocalypse survival show ever. While the show is infinitely more satisfying when watched binge-style, it also reminded me of why I am frustrated so often during a season. It's like reading a book one page at a time once a week.

Season premieres usually contain a lot of action. Except last year when season 7 kicked off with the delayed reveal of who was brutally killed by Negan while putting us through a lot of Negan talking. I mean a lot of Negan talking.

With all of that in mind here are my predictions for season 8.

1. Tara will die

Gene Page/AMC

I don't want Tara to die. I really like her character. She is usually the only comic relief in the show. The best was when she flipped off Rick after he yelled at her for risking her life for saving Spencer. But Tara is one of those characters who isn't in the comic and they can do whatever they want with her. Since they won't have the stones to off someone of importance, I think this is her last season.

2. Judith Will Live... Still!

Gene Page/AMC

I'm not a proponent of offing babies in TV shows, but Shane and Lori's love child has been random backdrop for her whole life in the show except for when it mattered, walking through the horde that offed Jessie and her boys. Now the show is stuck until she's at least old enough to "look at the flowers" because who wants to see the baby die. No one!

3. Daryl will speak the entire season in a whisper

Gene Page/AMC

In rewatching the first three and a quarter seasons over the last few weeks I noticed that Norman Reedus actually used to talk out loud on the show as he portrayed Daryl. Now he only grumbles so inaudibly that I have to turn on captioning while watching the show. I get it, Daryl/Norman is sexy! He doesn't have to speak sexy all the time.

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