After the announcement from Mark Mickelson that he will not be running for governor of South Dakota others are being eyed for the esteemed position.

US Representative Kristi Noem and South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley have both announced their intentions run for the office.

Back in 2007, Sioux Falls Mayor Huether bought the domain  We've reached out to Mayor Huether who provided this response:

Folks all across South Dakota ask me that question on a regular basis and I truly appreciate their encouragement. However, I love being the Mayor of Sioux Falls and we still have plenty of opportunities to conquer and issues to address so that is the job I am focused on.

Conversations have flowed among many in South Dakota about Matt Michels and the possibility of him running for governor.

So here's your chance! If the election were today who would you vote for governor?

Campaigning will likely start in earnest in mid to late 2017, with the election in 2018.

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