Is the now even yet still more red Republican South Dakota Legislature and newly re-elected Gov. Dennis Daugaard planning to knock down the will of the people expressed just last week and repeal the increase in the minimum wage or its cost of living increase?

As the Madville Times’ Cory Allen Heidleberger has reported, former top Obama campaign aide and Sioux Falls restaurateur Steve Hildebrand says the Governor was not a proponent of the minimum wage, leading Steve to believe there might be an attempt to repeal it or the COLA.

The Governor emphatically says no, as far as he's concerned.

"The Governor does not believe the newly-passed initiated measure should be modified this session," Tony Venhuizen, the Governor's chief of staff, said Sunday afternoon. 

The people of South Dakota have spoken, as is their right. For the legislature to spit cavalierly in their face two months after the election would be the height of arrogance. 

Update: 3:35 p.m.: Story updated to reflect additional information.