A Parker man who was working at UPS in Sioux Falls is accused of stealing several thousand dollars in precious metals.

Officer Sam Clemens says police were called around 3:00 PM Wednesday to the 2700 block of North Westport Avenue, where the employee was allegedly concealing a package with plans to steal it.

Clemens says the package contained some $5,000 in precious metals, and the worker had concealed it in his pants.

He was arrested for grand theft. the police report did not identify the precious metals or the destination of the package.

Clemens says in addition to the grand theft charge, 31-year-old Derek Eugene Gross of Parker was charged with possession of a controlled substance and paraphernalia for a pill found in his pocket.

He says a security investigator for UPS had been called in after an empty package found at Gross's work area on Monday aroused theft suspicions.