A 19-year-old Sioux Falls woman was jogging on Tuesday afternoon when a man in a car asked her a question.

"The woman said there was a newer silver four door car that drove up and the driver asked her for directions," Police Spokesman Sam clemens explained. "As she walked over to talk to the driver, she noticed he had his penis exposed and was masturbating. She end up leaving and got a description of the car. Unfortunately, no license plate was available. The woman said the driver was a white man in his twenties."

Clemens says the woman did the right thing by reporting the incident to authorities right after it happened.

"Disturbing as all of this is---it does happen from time to time. If people can get a description of the car and license plate number---that's the best thing they can do. But, certainly we don't want them sticking around in that area."

The incident took place around 28th Street and Grange Avenue in Sioux Falls