The Sioux Falls Police Briefing on Wednesday (Sept 5, 2018) began with the details of arrests from a string of robberies, described by Sergeant Josh Phillips with the Minnehaha County Sheriff Department:

Three people were arrested on theft charges after a stolen iPad was traced by the owner, providing police the exact location of the suspects and the stolen goods.

It started with reports of items being stolen from vehicles in Hartford, with suspicious people going into vehicles, as police refer to as “car hopping” at 3:00 am (yesterday) Tuesday, Sept 4th.

One of the Items, an iPad, provided GPS coordinates to the 4100 block of Pennsylvania Avenue in Sioux Falls. Police called the iPad and made contact at the residence with the suspects.

Police found numerous phones, purses, electronics, credit cards, gift cards, cash, pills assorted hunting gear and other items, estimated to have come from up to 20 victims.

Authorities are going through the recovered items now. If you had something stolen from the Hartford or Northwest Sioux Falls area in the last few days, you can contact police or the sheriff’s department to see if your items were found.

Three men were arrested and charged: Jessepe Etta, 18; Yosef Kawaja, 20; Ahis Dhimal, 18.

Charges include seven counts of criminal entry of a vehicle, obtaining drugs by fraud or theft, possession of a control substance and grand theft over $1,000.

Sioux Falls Police Officer Sam Clemens provided information on other crimes in the last 48 hours:

A clerk from a convenience store at 10th and Cliff was arrested for hitting a man with a bat, as the man cut across the businesses parking lot Wednesday (September 5) at 6:00 AM. There had been previous times when there were concerns about the man trespassing. After the man was hit with a bat, he went to the mission, told others of what happened, who in turn called the police. Jesse James Lee, 20, from Brandon, was arrested. The man was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

$20,000 dollars in tools were reported stolen from a construction site. The theft likely happened over the holiday weekend and was reported to police Tuesday (September 5). The trailer where the tools were stored showed signs of forced entry near West 41st Street and Broek Drive in Sioux Falls.

Police responded to an alarm going off Wednesday (September 5), 3:36 AM at the Lennox Parts Plus location in the 2900 Block of West Madison in Sioux Falls. They also located a suspicious person in the area, matched shoe prints to those left at the business, where tools were missing. Police traced more of the suspect’s tracks to a nearby portion of the bike path where a cache of tools was located. Jacob Harold Lehnherr, 44, also had meth in his possession. He was charged with Third-degree burglary, felony intentional damage to property, theft from a building and possession of a controlled substance.

Suspects are presumed innocent unless proven guilty.

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