Public information officer Sam Clemens provided details of weekend crimes reported in Sioux Falls at the daily police briefing on Monday (August 6).

  • Police provided more information on the Car vs. Sip-N-Cycle crash Saturday night (August 4) at 4th and Main in Sioux Falls. 12 people were on the Sip- Cycle, 8 injured, one with serious injuries, was unconscious and there were concerns over a possible brain bleed. Driver of the car arrested for third DUI as he was believed to be under the influence of marijuana or meth prior to the event. 25 year old Justin Ragago of Sioux Falls did not have an elevated blood alcohol level. The speed at the time of the crash was estimated at 20 mph. The Sip-N-Cycle was in a turn lane, the car driver veered into the turn lane and they collided.
  • An aggravated assault was reported at North Lewis and E 3rd Street on Friday night (August 3) at 8:12 PM. Two people who were known to each other had an argument. The suspect had a gun, did not point but did show the gun, kicked in the door of the apartment and left. Nothing was taken and the suspect continues to be sought for burglary and aggravated assault. There were no injuries.
  • A 33 year old man was arrested after two stabbing incidents early Sunday morning (August 5) at 1:52 AM. Security at PAve on Phillips Avenue removed the suspect for causing problems inside. Once outside, the suspect threatened security officer and swung a knife. Security guard had a cut on his shirt, and noticed a superficial cut to torso. The suspect fled on foot while several people gave chase. A short time later a second stabbing victim arrived at a local hospital to be treated for stab wounds to his arm and it was discovered that the suspect was the same man from the PAve incident. Brinkley, Edward Leon 33 was arrested. It is not known if he is a Sioux Falls resident.
  • An 18 year old woman says while waiting for friend and 10th Street and Duluth Avenue on, Monday (August 6) at 1:07 AM, two people approached her. The man and woman showed a gun and threatened to hit her car with a bat. Officers say the story has several inconsistencies but continue to investigate and look for a Native American male and female suspect.
  • Various robberies were reported from garages included tools and wallets.
    Fake bills were reported by several businesses: $100 bills with Chinese writing on them and $20 bills with the wording “for motion picture use only.”
    More guns were taken from unlocked cars over the weekend: 3300 block S Sundrop, Another victim was unsure as a few days had transpired since last saw the gun in his vehicle.
  • Narcotics: traffic stop 50 gr marijuana and 28 grams cocaine. The amount of cocaine was larger than normal. Police did not provide the location of the arrest.

The crimes are alleged to have taken place according to Sioux Falls Police. Suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty.

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