i saw a story that South Africa is having trouble again with poachers, and the targets are rhinos.

Seems more than 450 of the endangered animals have been illegally hunted and killed so far this year, with more than 270 in one national park. And the total for 2012 so far is more than were poached in all of last year.

Stories like this really get me angry. I know we don't know the situation there, and the country is half a world away, but only around 20,000 rhinos exist in South Africa.

But I really like animals, and I can't imagine why someone would want to kill a rhinoceros.Still, there's a demand for the horns in Asia, where people have the idea that whatever is in the horn is good for what ails them.

By the way, you can see rhinos at the Great Plains Zoo and Delbridge Museum in Sioux Falls. Go there, admire them and see all the other animals, including several that are part of efforts to keep species going.

I know our zoo is a long way from South Africa, but it's a much better way to pass the time than for those poachers in Africa who somehow think a rhino horn is what they need.