(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

The Affordable Care Act standoff in Washington D.C. would be solved if the people made their voice heard.  This doesn’t even involve directly contacting your elected representative.  No calls, emails, tweets or even letter written on parchment with a quill.

All it would take is for those who need health insurance, to go get it immediately.  The exchanges are open.  Democrats who have either merely supported Obamacare or staked their political career on the measure should rally to the cause.

This is really the day of reckoning for the ACA.  If the program that is designed to send millions of Americans into the insurance marketplace who were frozen out previously is here, the message should be:  HEY EVERYBODY!!! HEALTH INSURANCE IS HERE!!  COME AND GET IT!!

My common sense tells me that if people are signing up in droves, it makes the case for this law and the Republicans get their tail kicked.  Conversely, if no one touches this thing with a ten-foot pole the Democrats are in deep kimchi.

Here’s an example.  As of Wednesday the state of Kentucky had almost 3000 individuals or families sign up for insurance coverage.  Kynect is purported to be one of the most ready for prime time exchanges.  Around 640,000 folks are estimated to be without health insurance in that state.  Taking into account that there is a mix of family units in that sign-up number per plan, let’s say that 6000 people now have insurance that previously did not in the Bluegrass State.  That’s less than one percent of the need filled.

A reasonable compliance rate in my book would be 50 percent.  After all it is the law of the land and the government is partially shut down because of it.  The politicians can talk all they want about what the elections meant in 2012 and 2010.  Citizens can speak loud and clear about what they think of this law by jumping to action or staying on the sidelines.