Americans really love their cars. Did you know that nearly 60 percent of drivers consider their cars to be part of the family! I can see that. After all, we give them food (fuel) and shelter (garage).

Have you ever named your car? You're not alone. A recent poll by OnePoll for Toco Warranty found that 56% of people have named their car.

My wife named her van Minnie. I hated that van. Terrible in the winter and ugly all year round. But she said it was practical. I was a great day when we traded Minnie in on a better vehicle.

The poll also listed some of the best names, so if you're looking for a starter guide to naming your 'ya go:

The Bug Slayer
Earth Mover
Fancy Jenny
Grease Lightning
Uriah (I'm guessing because it was a heap?)
Lil’ Speedz
Miss Tigglywinkle
Muscle boy
Optimus Pinto
Professor Yaffle

They also found that people speak to their cars on average of 13 times per week.

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