Thanks to the weekly Faith Temple Food Giveaways,  thousands of area residents have received food for the past five years.  Now, it's time to assist Faith Temple.  The Church's Pastor Jeff Hayes is asking for volunteers to participate in the Food Giveaways.

"Typically, we have the volunteers pass out food or pull our wagons which are full of food to the person's car.  People arrive around 3 p.m.  We don't have a big training session.  We just kind of inform them what to expect.  Then---the volunteers are off and running!  They will be totally blessed!"

Pastor Jeff says some volunteers have been with the Food Giveaway Project since it started.

"We have had some of the folks with us for five years.  They come back every Friday to help us.  It's just a satisfying venture to be a volunteer with the Food Giveaways.  We also have had some people who receive food from us---they become volunteers!"

Pastor Jeff says Friday's Food Giveaway will begin at 4 p.m. in the W. H. Lyon Fairgrounds at the new Johnson Nordstrom building.