With the news that the TV show Fargo will have its second season set in and around Sioux Falls, I thought this could be a new trend. All TV shows should have a season set in Sioux Falls!

The Walking Dead

Open on a shot of Rick riding a horse down an abandoned I-229. I can see Michonne battling her through a herd of walkers on the bridge at Falls Park. Then Beth and Carl meet a weird, but friendly, guy that lives on a boat on the river. He doesn’t talk except to mutter quietly, over and over, “It’s Sioux FALLS not Sioux City, Sioux FALLS not Sioux City, Sioux FALLS not Sioux City, Sioux FALLS not Sioux City…”


How about a Seinfeld reunion special set in Sioux Falls? The gang could hang out in a coffee shop downtown (hey, sponsorship opportunity). George starts by ranting about being stuck behind a guy trying to make right turn against traffic on 26th and I-229, “They will never make it, go around!” Elaine will be obsessing about having to go ALL THE WAY to the Eastside for a party “I could be in the car for upwards of 15 minuets!” Then Kramer offers to give Elaine a ride on his new motorcycle he bought from his friend Bob Sacamano. Various hijinks ensue and at the end we see it’s Uncle Leo in the car holding up traffic.

Real World: Sioux Falls

We’ll see what happens when six strangers…well the're not really strangers. Two of them were in the same dorm at USD that semester, one girl went to high school in Canton with the one guy’s cousin, the other two girls have seen each other at Hy-Vee.

OK, six relative strangers, picket to live in a loft…well, it’s more of an old house divided up into apartments.

Sigh, OK. This is the story of six people that kind of know each other, picked to live in an old house divided up into apartments, and we’ll see what happens when they stop being polite and start being real!

In the first episode, everybody is watching the Vikings game. Then in the one-on-one confessions each roommate talks about how they really don’t care for football, but they think everybody else does, so they go along because they don’t want to be rude.

How about that Hand Fishing show on the Big Sioux. Or The Real Housewives of Harrisburg. Oh I got it; Diners, Drive-Thrus and Dives, or a Pickers type show about yard sales!