Let's be clear. I love Oreos and I love rice, but the thought of combining them and actually consuming the resulting mixture was abhorrent to me. At first. And then, I gave it a bit more thought.

One of my favorite treats to this day is leftover buttered rice (warmed up a bit) with milk and sugar. And old-fashioned rice pudding? Forget about it!


I relish it whenever I have it, (which unfortunately isn't often). So really, adding something filled with dark chocolatey goodness to one of life's best grains, how could that be bad?

It doesn't mean I'm going to run out today, buy Oreos and try this immediately, but I might someday. And with all the varieties of Oreos out there, (Strawberry Shortcake and Peanut Butter Cup are two of the most recent) just imagine what kinds of sweet rice fusion desserts you could be luxuriating over!

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