I'm lucky enough to have an office with a view.

Every morning I get to see the sun rise. My computer faces northeast into the corner of the office, but one look to my right and I am literally outside.

This morning the view is good. High thin clouds and clear South Dakota air.

But one of the highlights from this morning and this past weekend is that the geese are starting to move. Not the locals that winter here in Sioux Falls, but the high flying migrating Snows and Canadians.

It's not just mother nature talking. We drove to Tyndall, SD this past weekend to visit relatives. At a local basketball tournament, fans were standing outside soaking up the 68 degrees between games. Motorcycles were out of the garage for the first time in months.

I love it when nature talks. Not some show on TV. Not something in the paper, not something on the radio, but the slow deliberate dialect of Mother Nature. I like it when she loosens her icy winter grip. If you look and listen now you can hear her voice.

The snow is melting.

It's the time of year when everyone should 'get outside to take a look and listen.'

Geese are headed back north.

Oh, and if you listen even closer you can hear them say, spring is almost here!

Flying Geese