One of my favorite gifts I've ever gotten was a Coleco Handheld Pac-Man game. It looks kind of like an arcade game. Well, the plastic shell is meant to look like that. The game itself does not. It looks more like Pac-Man than the infamous Atari home game version did. But still, red and white aren't the traditional Pac-Man colors.

I have had this game since I got it in 1982 or 83. It has moved with me across three states; several cities and multiple houses, apartments and trailer homes. Now settled in our house, my kids look at it like it's one of those hoop and stick toys.

The game play sucks, the music is terrible, but I treasured this game when I was a kid. It was like I had my very own Pac-Man arcade game in my house. I still treasure it. But, now it's because its a connection to my youth, and because I don't have the box so it's not really worth much on eBay.

It still works too. Along the way I've lost the cord to plug it in (losing more value), so every few years I some C batteries and fire it up. And, it is not fun. My threshold for entertainment was very low back then. But, I'll still hold on to it and display it in my home, as symbol of the child I was. Unless, I can get a good price for it.