Sioux Falls residents who still have a tree stump on their property in the public right-of-way are running out of time to get the stump removed.

City officials said recently that the grinding of tree stumps was nearly finished, and now residents are being told they have until November 8 to request a contractor do the work during one final pass of stump-grinding.

The City says trees in the public right-of-way that were removed either by residents or private arborists after the April ice storm are eligible for this service.

It has been a big undertaking. More than 1,300 stumps have been removed at no cost to property owners.

Tree and branch clearing operations on City-owned drainage properties is going on now, with the work scheduled for completion by the end of November.

For more information or to request a tree stump be removed, you can call the City Public Works Department at 367-8600.