Over 750 Sioux Falls area residents, firefighters, sheriff’s deputies and others - including Townsquare Media on-air personalities - learned about spotting severe weather Monday night at the Washington Pavilion.

The National Weather Service’s Todd Heitkamp put on a two hourlong program on how to spot tornadoes and other severe spring and summer weather.

He says that while technology like smart phones and social media is great for learning about weather conditions, he says we need to take a page from our grandparents and learn to read the sky—and listen to credible weather sources like this radio station.

“I think we have become very dependent upon the technology,” Heitkamp, a NWS meteorologist said. “And so what we need to do is we need to use more of our eyes. Don’t trust the technology all the time. As I say and as the President used to say, trust but verify.”

Along with other emergency services personnel, a contingent of Civil Air Patrol cadets and senior members also attended. Cadet Oscar Holmgren from Luverne, Minnesota was going to pass on what he learned to family and friends.

“I’m going to tell them more information about it and teach them how to use that information and keep themselves safe,” Holmgren said.

This is Severe Weather Awareness Week. Wednesday at 10:15 a.m. the weather service will issue a mock tornado warning. So, listen for the sirens and figure out what you would do in the case of the real thing.