No matter what President Barack Obama says to the American people about Syria and whatever it is he wants to do - or not do - one thing is clear: much of the world is a mess.

We all know it instinctively. But my free iPhone app, ubAlert, reminds me of that fact whenever I care to open it.

ubAlert tells me about natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, fires and pests in places we Americans do even not care about, we don’t even know they exist.

Human created disasters ranging from chemical and nuclear spills and releases, massive plane, train and automobile accidents, buildings that catch fire or fall down occur in every corner of the globe literally every hour - even every minute - of the day.

So says ubAlert.

Then add wars, civil strife, riots, murders and crime and ubAlert and its alerts could keep the United States busy on every continent, every day, for the rest of eternity

 Here’s a small sampling of ubAlerts over just a few minutes while I wrote this column:

  • Seven killed as oil tanker hits vehicle along the Meru Nairobi Highway (Kenya). Perhaps Pres. Obama would like to send a cleanup crew and an investigative team.
  • Seven civilians killed, 17 injured as passenger bus hits roadside bomb in Afghanistan. Pres. Obama campaigned that he’d get the United States out of Afghanistan but that’s yet to occur.
  • More than 40 people killed, over 36 others injured in road accident in northern Iran. See above regarding the Kenya accident above. Perhaps the President doesn’t care if Iran doesn’t want U.S. help.
  • 12 killed, 27 wounded in separate bomb attacks in Iraq’s Diyala. Pres. Obama did get the U.S. out of Iraq but perhaps this latest bit of carnage means the U.S. should go back in. Roadside bombs may not be chemical weapons but dead is dead.
  • Storehouse explosion reported in China’s southern China’s Guangzhou City. Again, maybe it’s just bad Chinese safety practices but maybe it’s al-Qaeda. President Obama should send in the U.S. to make sure.

I don’t mean to be insensitive to human suffering. I’m not. But perhaps finally U.S. citizens and even some of its leaders have come to the conclusion that the U.S. has to try and “fix” every ill in the world.

I’m not a pacifist. I’m not a warmonger. Sometimes you have to fight - if it’s the right fight, there’s no alternative and our security as a nation is at risk.

America’s been in too many wrong fights. The world is a mess. And most are messes that the United States should have stay out of while we took care of our own messes. 

The latest mess in Syria gives the United States an opportunity to refrain from getting involved in the many messy messes the world sees on a daily basis.

Just download ubAlert if you don’t believe me.

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