What do these confectioners all have in common besides chocolate?

  • Lindt
  • Sees
  • Hershey’s
  • Godiva
  • Gertrude Hawk
  • Sanders


Specifically chocolate Easter bunnies. Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, filled chocolate bunnies and chocolate covered bunnies.

Give me dark chocolate any time of day and twice when there's a bottle off red wine open on the table.

Those Easter baskets you enjoyed as a kid have stepped up their game these days.  For $5.00 my mom could fill baskets with candy including chocolate for four kids.

Today five bucks wouldn't buy you one of the chocolate bunnies listed above.

If I were stuffing baskets this year it would be with an all chocolate variety. Even chocolate covered jelly beans!

So here’s an idea. Call grandma and ask her for her famous fudge recipe.  You know the one she only pulls out a Christmas time. Go find a bunny mold and let your imagination take off.

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