If enacted, the legislation passed by Congress would repeal a majority of the Affordable Care Act. President Obama is almost sure to veto the measure.

Regardless, South Dakota Congresswoman Kristi Noem says it’s been a long journey to reach this stage. “From the first day I’ve been on this job, I’ve spoken to thousands of South Dakotans who are dealing with the ramifications of this health care legislation.”

During a question and answer session with South Dakota media, Noem specifically spoke of the consequences of the law. “Costs have gone up, many (people) have lost their plans. They are suffering under a lot of the regulations and new taxes that were attached to the law.”

Furthermore, Noem believes the Affordable Care Act would radically change from what was passed back in 2010. “It would repeal a lot of the mandates and would get us on the path to putting forward a health care plan that would deliver lower-cost (alternatives) plus put patients back in control of their decisions with their doctor.”

Back in 2010, the original measure was passed despite unanimous opposition by Republicans. Even a few Democrats didn’t vote in favor of the law including Noem’s predecessor Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin.