Due to the quickly deteriorating conditions in Sioux Falls, the city has advised no travel in the city:

The Sioux Falls Police Department is advising no travel in Sioux Falls until the snowfall and wind subside. Visibility is currently near zero with blowing snow, and scattered slippery spots and heavy accumulations are making travel dangerous. Winds should die down by early morning, and snow removal crews are out in full force, but street conditions are not favorable for travel at this time.

Galynn Huber from the Sioux Falls Street Department says it's not a matter of if they will declare a snow alert, but when.  Huber says crews will do their best to keep streets open, but cites several problem areas that have been closed within the city limits in the past, including North Minnesota Avenue near the airport, where hazardous conditions developed in years past with some motorists leaving their vehicles, while others continued to attempt driving and encountered abandoned vehicles.

The street department plans to monitor conditions with police and other law officials regarding closing any city streets.