Did you know it's against city ordinance to clean your sidewalk, driveway, building, or vehicle with a water hose in Sioux Falls?

According to Sioux Falls Central, there are some Sioux Falls city ordinances that we probably don't know anything about. Like, no feeding ducks or geese in and around city bike trails and city parks. For some reason, Arrowhead Park and the Great Plains Zoo are excluded from the law.

There are some very interesting Sioux Falls city ordinances that I didn't know anything about, and a few I'm sure I've violated. Check out a full list at Siouxfallscentral.com.

City Of Sioux Falls Code Of Ordinances states: § 52.002  CERTAIN USES OF WATER DETERMINED NONESSENTIAL – The following uses of water are hereby determined to be nonessential and are hereby prohibited:

(a)   Washing outdoor surfaces. The washing of sidewalks, driveways, filling station aprons, porches and other outdoor surfaces except by container not exceeding three-gallon capacity or pursuant to an exception granted under § 52.009;

(b)   Washing mobile equipment. The washing of automobiles, trucks, trailers, trailer houses, railroad cars or any other type of mobile equipment except where required by health and sanitary requirements and except from water contained in a container not exceeding three-gallon capacity or from a hose equipped with an automatic shutoff device at the end from which water is taken. This division (b) shall not apply to commercial vehicle washing facilities operating at fixed locations;

(c)   Cleaning buildings. The washing by hose of the inside and outside of dwellings and buildings except pursuant to an exception granted under § 52.009;

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