There's more to serving than just handing out ice cream at this store.  It’s a wonderful story about kindness and service to someone in need.

If you haven’t heard or read the account, click here to read about a young man who came to the aid of someone in need.  In short, an elderly woman stole a $20 bill that fell out of a blind man’s wallet while at a Dairy Queen store in Hopkins, Minnesota.  The young man taking orders at the counter confronted the woman who refused to give the money back.  Eventually when the fellow at the cash register had some time he took money out of his own wallet and gave it to the man who had been swindled.

Surely we can consider taking a step in our life toward being that person.  There are enough of the miscreants who would deface a monument to veterans.

Should an act of kindness be news?  Absolutely!  Should we also recognize that there are those who do harm?  Yes.  By acknowledging both good and bad, we can stand as a witness to the act and discern which way to proceed in our own life.