I'm not the one who is usually annoyed when I go out. In fact, I can hardly remember a time where I was annoyed.

After working both jobs on New Years Eve, and a total of 12 hours, I just wasn't in the mood to whoop it up. I did have a good time for the most part. I went to the Comedy show at the Vault, which was great! I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants! Steve Hirst was hilarious! And the Vault/Fat Daddy's Comedy Club did a GREAT job putting together the show and a meal.

But here was the first annoyance of the night! That one person in the crowd who has the most obnoxious laugh, and who is drunk. She had the "shreak" laugh. The one that sounds like the wicked witch and then a chuckle after. And it was non-stop! I wanted to stuff something in her mouth! I wish her husband would of duct taped her mouth shut.

Then we head to Lennox, SD, where I live, and we could walk home and not worry about drinking and driving. The Road Trip Band was playing and they were very good. We were catching up with old friends and dancing. I was having fun, but still in a mood. Here is where the second annoyance happened. The really drunk guy in his late 40's who got a hold of the horn. You know the noise makers they hand out to blow at MIDNIGHT. He decided to start blowing it at 11pm. An hour before the set time when you should blow it. At this point, I was fighting the urge to not stick it up his butt. I then decided it was a good idea for me to go home early.

Maybe part of the bad mood was because it's depressing not to have anyone to kiss at midnight. Part of the reason it sucks being single during the holidays. Either way, I went home, watched a movie and fell asleep on my couch! Happy 2013!

We asked our listeners some things that annoyed them on New Years Eve and here are a few of my favorites.

From Jamie: I was being the DD for two of my friends.. I ended up hauling 10 drunk people and their booze(my truck only holds 5 people) i had a couple making out.. Dude that wouldnt stop puttin his hand down my shirt while i was driving.. A dude that wouldnt stop singing "rocket man" and the best part is. I took 3 of them to a after party.. 15 minutes after dropping them off.. I dropped everyone else off at their house. I get a phone call sayin that they need a ride cuz they got a run around cuz there was no party. So i picked them back up and took them to another after party. Then half hour later one calls me to pick him up cuz he got into a fight with a guy. I went to pick him up.. and well turns out it wasnt a guy.. He got into a fight with a manly woman. I picked him up.. The chick came out and said she was gonna fight me cuz i was a female and i knew him(my friend) needless to say.. I got to bed at 6am.. and nobody gave me money for fuel like they said they would.


From Michelle: A few of us were trying to play pool and a drunk girl kept sitting on the table and every time we asked her to move she would get snippy with us!!!


From Kaylee: We got our drinks ten minutes before midnight....a half hour after we ordered ANNND she took our money before we got them so we couldn't just leave. 

Also they didn't do a count down. I looked at my phone at it was 12:01 and I was like "oh okay then.."


I'm so glad I wasn't the only one who was annoyed! What happened on NYE that annoyed you?