The Local unemployment rate in Feb. was 3.9%, according to Greg Johnson with the local Dept. of Labor Office. That translates to about 5200 people in Minnehaha, Lincoln, Turner, and McCook counties.

Johnson estimates about 1/3(1700) are in transition, meaning between jobs. Another 1/3(1700) may have severe employment barriers, disabilities of some type. The final 1/3(1700) are folks who have, and continue, to make bad choices when they do get a job, which forces them back into the unemployment ranks.

There are nearly 3000 job openings posted on the Dept. of Labor website:

Some have a starting salary higher than the $13.10 per hour needed full time for a single person to be able to afford a one bedroom apt. in our area. Many jobs start lower than that, but have incremental steps upward based on performance and longevity which can take a person higher than that amount in a relatively short period of time.

Greg Johnson stressed not just education but skills as important factors to finding a good job and keeping it in this marketplace. Most likely some sort of computer knowledge will be a part of that package.

For Sioux Falls, there is growth in every area especially retail.

Searching for the right job is similar to buying a house and the process is about finding the right fit.

Another component of the job search is the willingness of potential employee to find work or the baggage left behind from previous work.

Underemployment is a buzz word in the marketplace for those who are highly skilled but cannot find the corresponding pay grade to match what they can do.

South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard is hosting Workforce Summits soon in various communities across the state.

Thursday,  Slater Barr and Mary Medema with the Sioux Falls Development Foundation will discuss their roles in creating and expanding the job opportunities in our area.

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