South Dakota should consider changing its state motto to "I Can Help."

A new study reveals that South Dakotans love to volunteer. The Rushmore State has risen to fourth in nation when it comes to people willing to lend a hand to others. The spirit of volunteerism keeps growing in the state, last year we ranked ninth in the nation during the same study.

The Corporation for National and Community Service recently released its Volunteering and Civic Life in America report that showed South Dakota's willingness to help others. The CNCS is a federal agency that engages millions of Americans in volunteer service every year.

The report showed that 35.3 percent of South Dakota residents volunteered in 2016, providing 23.3 million hours of service with a value of an estimated $630 million in benefits to others.

South Dakotans were also big on "informal volunteering." That type of volunteering can be classified as helping a sick friend shop for groceries, watching your neighbors kids, etc. 72.2 percent of people living in South Dakota participated in informal volunteering during 2016 according to the study, while another 57.2 percent donated $25 or more to charity.

Millennials, college students, and parents living in South Dakota all love to pitch in and help. The state ranks second in the nation in those categories and third for volunteer service among veterans and baby boomers.

One thing is for sure, the term "South Dakota Nice" definitely applied during 2016, as volunteerism in most every age demographic saw significant participation statewide.

You can view the full report for the entire nation at

Source: The Rapid City Journal

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