The American Red Cross issued an emergency call this week for blood and platelet donors to give now and help mitigate a blood shortage. With so many busy during the holidays the Red Cross looks to build up their supply during National Blood Donor Month. During the winter months shortages are common due to snow storms, icy road conditions and seasonal illness like the flu when it prevents donors contributing.

According the Red Cross during the weeks of Christmas and New Year’s about 1,350 fewer blood drives were also hosted by volunteer sponsor groups than required to meet patient needs.

The biggest need is for people who are type O. But any eligible person is asked to make a donation. Here in the Sioux Falls area you can make your donation at Sanford Medical Center, Avera McKennan Hospital & University Health Center, Avera Heart Hospital, Sioux Falls Surgical Hospital, Sanford Children’s, Sanford Heart Hospital, and the V.A. Medical Center.

For other locations contact the Community Blood Bank or the American Red Cross.

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