I am an avid reader. However, with kids in school and sports, it's tough to find time to dive into a book. As soon as the kids are off to bed (and the latest Walking Dead episode is watched) I'll pick up the my latest novel or autobiography and usually fall asleep in the recliner.

My top book reads of the year (which I try to diversify with fiction, non-fiction, autobiography, and historical) might not be as popular as that Oprah lady's - but it'll do.

Here's my top 5 reads from 2016:

  • Danny V

    Dr. Sleep

    Although Stephen King's sequel to The Shining was actually released in early 2014, I have always wondered whatever became of Danny, the young boy in the Overlook Hotel that was the terrifying epicenter of The Shining. How about his father Jack Torrence? All questions are masterfully answered by King in one of the best horror sequels of our time.

  • Danny V

    The Heart of Everything That Is

    With riveting detail, the story of one of the most powerful Sioux warriors, Red Cloud, can now be told with blazing accuracy thanks to newly discovered archives. Told by Bob Drury and Tom Clavin, this is a must-read for fans of rich Native American history in the Dakotas.

  • Danny V


    Everyone needs a good post-apocalyptic book in their library. This one is as good as it gets. The power grids are down and law and civility is a thing of the past. The only thing left is trying to survive. And for God's sake - avoid the cities. This one will keep you up nights wondering "what if..."

  • Danny V

    Esau Rising

    The uprisings of extremists in the Middle east is escalating rapidly. But what is the origin? Bill Cloud traces this violent history all the way back to the story of Esau. A riveting look at one of the most-overlooked prophecies in the Bible and the terrorism that is on America's doorstep. Definitely a book everyone should read.

  • Danny V

    The Woman in Cabin 10

    If you enjoyed the twisty ride that was 'The Girl on the Train' and 'Gone Girl', you'll love this book by Ruth Ware. The vibrant main character, Lo Blacklock, swears she heard a passenger being thrown overboard late one night on a cruise ship. The problem? Everyone has been accounted for and the ship sails on. Bit something is terribly wrong. This a a great read full of jarring plot twists. Hard to put down!