Sometimes I wonder why I live in South Dakota. I think to myself, why do I put myself through this every year. 

If you are a South Dakota resident, or from neighboring states Minnesota, North Dakota, Iowa or Nebraska, you probably ask yourself the same question. Why! 

JD Collins/KIKN Via Sprint, Sioux Falls

This past winter wasn't the worst we've witnessed, but it seemed long. So, Friday morning, when I saw a couple of my favorite signs of spring it gave me hope.  Blossoming crab apple trees (or whatever it is) was one of the things. A wire reminder sign that a lawn had been freshly fertilized and my neighbor down the street had his rain gauge back up on the mail box. Many people take them in during cold winter months so they don't freeze. 

Radio stations sound different too. Clients like Landscape Garden Centers touting  Bare Root Trees, or lawnmower tuneup gurus in Lennox, D&D Small Engine Repair urging people to get ready for outdoor yard work!.

Whatever signs you're seeing, one thing is true. Warmer weather is coming. Let's get out and enjoy every minute!