About the only thing I remember him telling me was:

  • The number of fogs in the Autumn will tell the number of snows in the Winter.
  • The first three days of any season would rule the weather for that season.


A few things I came across on the National Weather Service web site about Fall:

  • It has never snowed in Sioux Falls on the first day of Autumn.
  • The coldest temp ever recorded on the first day of Autumn was 28 degrees in 1983.
  • The warmest temp ever recorded on September 22 was 92 degrees in 1935.


A few things I've learned over the years regarding Autumn is:


  • The number of leaves that fall on any given Autumn day is directly proportional to the number you rake up the day before.
  • Autumn can be a really fun time if you have two things:  A neighbor you don't like and a leaf blower.
  • Whenever I start to complain about having to rake leaves, my wife always tells me to just pretend I'm raking sand traps.  (Ouch)