So I'm going through my Big Book of Stuff and I see that November has been proclaimed "Alzheimer's Month."  What a horrible, horrible disease.

I have a close friend who has a family member suffering from the disease, and it's to the point where she doesn't even recognize her own kids.  I can only image how hard it must be for the family.

So this morning I'm surfing the Internet and I run across this story about Alzheimer's disease - and I learn that over the past 12 months, more money has been spent on cosmetic surgery and Viagra in this country than on Alzheimer's research.

What a sad state of affairs.  I'm not one for getting up on my soap box, but at what point did we start caring more about how we look and feel than about helping others?

It just seems to me like our priorities are all totally messed up.  We, as a country, can't continue down this "vane and shallow" path we're on.

At this rate, years from now we'll have all these people wandering around with big body parts - and no idea what they're for.