A convicted sex offender from Mitchell is accused of First Degree Rape and attempted Sexual Contact with a child under the age of 16.

Police say 43 year-old Chad Voeltz allegedly committed the acts back in 2009 and 2010 with an 8 to 9 year-old child. Lt. Don Everson of the Mitchell Police Department told J.P. Skelly of KORN Radio in Mitchell that the incident was only reported recently.

It is also believed that Voeltz tried to offer money to the victim in exchange for the physical contact. The child was visiting Voeltz’s residence when the incidents occurred.

Back in 2011, Voeltz was found guilty of possessing, manufacturing or distributing child pornography. The charge of First Degree Rape carries a maximum sentence of life in prison and $50,000 fine while the Sexual Contact with a child under 16 could mean 15 years in prison plus a $30,000 fine.

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