It's becoming abundantly clear that men love the bathroom mirror.

According to a new survey, the average guy will spend 56 minutes every day looking at himself in the mirror, compared to the typical woman who only spends 43-and-a-half minutes each day looking at herself.

Here is how the mirror time breaks down for both sexes:

Men supposedly spend 16-and-a-half minutes each day looking in the mirror while shaving and getting ready to start their day. Conversely, women only spend 14-and-a-half.

Women win the contest when it comes to admiring themselves in the car mirror. On average women spend six minutes looking at themselves in their car mirror, men only five. Everyone knows it takes a while to reapply that mascara and freshen up your lipstick at a stoplight right ladies?

Men spend 2 minutes more each day than women do looking at themselves in the bathroom mirror at work, the gym, and in restaurants.

While women never the miss an opportunity to check their look in windows on the street while out shopping and walking around.

The screens on computers, phones and tablets make excellent mirrors, just ask any guy. Men spend seven minutes looking at their reflections on those devices each day, compared to women who only spend three.

Hey, the numbers don't lie, men's transformation into becoming the vainer sex is almost complete. Still don't believe it, need more proof, see Kanye West or Simon Cowell.

Source: FemaleFirst