On Wednesday Minnesota Governor Tim Walz announced a two-week stay at home order. The order begins at midnight on Friday and runs through April 10.

Governor Walz tweeted: "We must take bold action to save the lives of Minnesotans. As a former Command Sergeant Major in the Army National Guard, I believe in having a plan, which is why I'm directing Minnesotans to stay at home and limit their movements to essential services."

Minnesota's 'Stay At Home' order means YOU CAN:

  • Go to the grocery store
  • Go to medical appointments and the pharmacy
  • Get take-out, delivery or drive through from nearby restaurants
  • Walk your dog, ride your bike, be in nature
  • Pick up essentials for neighbors or loved ones in need of assistance


  • Go to work unless providing an essential service
  • Socialize or gather in groups
  • Visit loved ones in hospital or nursing homes, except under limited circumstances
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