Traci Smith, head of the Minnehaha County Public Defenders Office,  will be discussing crime in our county today(Tuesday) on Viewpoint University on 1140 KSOO. County Commissioners Kelly and Barth have raised concerns about the increasing number of felonies and the costs of prosecuting, defending, jailing, and caring for county inmates. This is day two of our discussion on the subject.

Today is election day in South Dakota. Primaries for both political parties are in progress. Polls are open until 7pm. Bob Litz, Minnehaha County Auditor, and Jason Gant, SD Sect. of State will join us after 5pm today(Tuesday) to discuss voter turnout out, problems, and the process for counting and reporting the results.

We will provide results during the Twins game this evening.

Viewpoint University on this website and 1140 KSOO from 4-7 pm.