The latest budget numbers have revealed that Minnehaha County has done a good job of utilizing its funds.  As a result, the County Commissioners have awarded themselves a pay raise.

The recent Fiscal Cliff mess has stained politics on the national level and shines the light on government mismanagement.  Are they completely crazy?  County Commission chair Jeff Barth says no.  At the time when the county did not have the necessary funds the decision-makers took steps to reduce their pay.  Things are better now and Barth says the choice to increase salaries for the Commissioners is the right one.

Jeff Barth Explains The Reasons For Pay Increase

Although things look good now, Barth also realizes that county governments do not have many mechanisms to collect the taxes needed to fund operations.  Thus Minnehaha County has a vested interest in the Tax Increment Finance districts which by design will reduce the amount of taxes that the county can collect.  Barth hopes that the two entities can work together so that when development happens both entities can mutually benefit.

Jeff Barth Not Opposed To TIFs Would Like Dialogue With City