A meeting of South Dakota Mayors in August prompted a conversation about how meth addiction is affecting different areas of the state. It turns out crime is the common link.

Sioux Falls Mayor Mike Huether has proclaimed this week as Meth Awareness Week. He was prompted by hearing leaders in other cities talk about meth as the underlying cause of most major crimes.

“In (one particular city) every murder could be connected to meth. Every police shooting was connected to meth. Every robbery was connected to meth. Every burglary was connected to meth.”

Huether believes the confrontation needs to happen now because meth is so addictive and filters through all sections of society.

“If we don’t get to our young people, old people, the rich, the poor, black or white people, if we don’t talk about some of these scary statistics that the Police will share this week, we can only blame ourselves. We will allow it to happen in our communities.”

Acknowledging that the conversation will be uncomfortable but necessary, Huether feels in the long run this effort will reap significant dividends.

A week long campaign will involve the Mayor and Police officials in Rapid City plus Sioux Falls Health Professionals who will talk about the impacts they face with meth addicts.

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