South Dakota State Attorney General Marty Jackley announced a new victim information program during a Sioux Falls news briefing.

"We are taking a giant step in South Dakota to do a better job with a victim notification system to provide information for victims to make them at greater ease with our criminal justice system and to help them make decisions that will protect them."

Jackley says the South Dakota SAVIN system is a step in the right direction.

"When you are a victim of a crime, and identified as such by statute, the State's Attorney and law enforcement can give you that designation within the SAVIN system. When you have that designation made and you're part of the system, you are entitled to certain updates and information. You can elect to either get a phone call, an email, a text, or written notification of important happenings in your case."

If you want to find out more about the program or would like to register, you can call the South Dakota SAVIN Call Center toll free at 844-299-4608.

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