This is an open letter to Senators John Thune, Tim Johnson of South Dakota, and the other 98 members of the greatest deliberative body in the world. This is also for re-elected Congresswoman Kristie Noem of South Dakota and her 434 colleagues.

The lame duck session of Congress will be the most important work days of your lives and the most important for the citizens of this country and our future. You have to prove yourselves worthy of the awesome responsibility we have placed in you. As you know recent polls show our trust in you is at an all time low.

To refresh you memories: I am working at a job I love; Next month I turn 66. I have two children and five grandchildren. All of my life I have been a Republican. I have voted for Democrats when I felt they were the best person for the job. Tim Johnson, you are on that list.  This year I voted for any Independent or Libertarian on the ballot. My frustration with your lack of ability to get things done is at an all time high.

As one of your employers, want to give you instructions for tasks I expect to be accomplished before the end of the year:

You need to find a way to rationally deal with the cuts coming due to "sequestration." To be clear, I expect you to compromise. Realize that is a dirty word in the beltway, on right and left wing talk radio, and probably not what your minions are telling you. However, without compromise on this critical issue, you will be leading us off the "fiscal" cliff. The good news, as our leaders, you will hit the ground first. The bad news, we will perish with you.

The House needs to vote on the Farm Bill. I don't care if it passes or fails. I expect a vote, so all of us will know who stands where, and why, so you can begin the process of compromise.

To save this country from financial ruin, you are going to have to make difficult choices. I understand that reality. If you are afraid to make them, please leave office now, so we can put somebody in who has thick enough skin to make the choices and stand the bruising which will come from those affected.

You have my permission, to raise the retirement age, remove the salary cap on those paying into social security. If you think some "means testing" is appropriate, I am open to that concept. You have my permission to alter Medicare, I am not on it yet, but I know it is one of the big financial problems we are facing.

Keep cutting waste. Keep going after tax evaders.

My expectations from the federal government are very simple:   Safe food to eat, clean water to drink, and air to breathe. Our country should be secure from foreign invasion and we should have enough resources to root out those folks, foreign and domestic, who want to do harm to our people and systems.

I need a safe, secure, and non- corrupt banking and financial system.  I want the government to be a resource for me to get information, about education, commerce, energy, etc. I don't want you ordering me to do things a certain way.

Please don't waste any more of my time, and your voice power complaining about those dastardly.(fill in the blank).  From my perspective you have all earned the lack of trust you have from me and your other employers.

To use a sports metaphor, we are in the closing minutes of the game. If we don't win this one, our chances of playing another are limited. I am in the stands and can't be on the field. Although I wish I was. You are there, I have chosen you to represent me on the field. I expect your very best for the rest of this game.

I expect positive results.

Do it.