Police are looking into an unnerving incident that happened over the weekend near 28th and Grange. No one was injured, but the details do bring cause for concern.

A woman was jogging on Saturday afternoon when Police Officer Sam Clemens says she noticed something out of the ordinary.

“She saw a car that started following her. She made some different turns, but the car still followed behind her.”

To her credit, Clemens believes the woman was trying to see if the driver was lost. However what she found was quite revealing.

“She stopped and went to confront the driver. She wasn’t sure what he was doing or why he was following her. As she walked over to the car, she saw that he had exposed himself and was fondling himself.”

The victim got the license plate number and Police say they have an idea who the person is, but have yet to bring him into custody.

For now Sioux Falls Police are under the impression that this is an isolated incident, but detectives will determine if this is a pattern within the city.

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