Greg Johnson of the South Dakota Dept. of Labor will help us find jobs which pay "The Magic Number is $13.10 per hour" today(Wednesday) on Viewpoint University.

Yesterday with Carol Muller and Stacey Tieszen from Minnehaha County Human Services, we learned the county spends a million dollars a year of local tax money assisting or paying rent for those folks in need.  We also learned that based on the local rental market, to be able to afford a one bedroom apartment without any government or family subsidy a person needs to earn $13.10 per hour full time.

At 4:00 we will talk with Lisa Howard from Active Generations about the Expo they are having on May first. Also, Skyforce coach Pat Delany will receive our congratulations for having a great first season. We will ask him about his plans for next year.

Viewpoint University today(Wednesday) on this webpage and 1140 KSOO.