This is it: My annual "argument" with frigid weather.

You might like the cold--I don't know, but if you do, good for you.

And it's not as though I would want to live anywhere else, because I don't. For that matter, I can't imagine Sharon and I will ever be among those retirees who spend the coldest months in Florida, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas or anywhere else.

Again, if that's you, good for you.

But when I drive to work early--very early--in the morning, I really hate when it's cold. And I'm sure you notice the noises a car can make when it's been parked outside all day or all night. My car makes noise, and it doesn't sound like "Oh boy, sub-zero weather! Come on, Gene, let's go--this is great!"

So I put up with it, just like everyone else. I get a face full of snow when the wind changes direction as I'm clearing the driveway. I bundle up with the warmest coat I have, a stocking cap pulled down almost over my eyes and gloves that almost keep my hands warm.

I coax the car into moving and eventually warming up.

But I don't have to like it.