I was reading the Rapid City Journal this morning, as it discussed former State Representative Lora Hubbel’s announcement for Governor via her campaign swing out to Rapid City.  

If you haven’t heard, former State Representative Hubbel is challenging sitting Republican Governor Dennis Daugaard because of her belief he isn’t conservative enough. (Despite his opposition to Obamacare, abortion, and reduction in state government upon winning office).

As part of the article, the newspaper had a sidebar as to where she stood on various issues, including Climate Change, State Spending, Gun Laws, Evolution, the Tea Party movement, and of course Health Care Reform.

Unfortunately, as is often the case in South Dakota’s Mainstream Media, they just don’t have the time to go in-depth as some of us whose platform is exclusively on-line.  So, I thought I’d bring you up to speed on where Lora stands on other issues important to South Dakotans.

Butterball Turkeys. “Butterball turkey's are Sharian (Islamic) blessed...from Conservative Action Alerts: Most grocery stores carry Butterball© turkeys. It is one of the very largest suppliers of turkeys in America. Did you know that every single Butterball turkey is halal?” (Lora Hubbel Facebook 11/23/2011)

Conspiracy Theory. “Have you ever noticed that people use the words "Conspiracy Theory" as if they are one word? Probably just because they rhyme. But those who understand terminology know that a conspiracy is quite common and happens all over the world and in every business. A conspiracy is 2 or more people trying to succeed over or take advantage another person. Oh...but to the self-acclaimed geniuses in this world, that definition doesn't have a landing place of understanding in their brains.” (Hubbel Facebook, Oct 7, 2013)

Fallout Shelters.  “I would have a plan developed that would join with Homeland Security to build fallout shelters in new or remodeled buildings such as, churches, schools, large event buildings, hotels, etc. Homeland security has the plans and funds to help communities with this.”  (lorahubbel.com “Fall Out Shelters” 9/19/13. It was up on the website until she announced for Governor. Then it went away)

South Dakota Motto. “We have submitted to government rather than to God. It was never intended for this to happen to our people. America is undeniably a Christian Nation if one reviews the historical record with any honesty....  Why is stealing a crime in America? Because our religion tells us not to steal. That is not the case with all religions.... Currently we are vulnerable for a Governmental or dictatorial takeover... because many of us have forgotten what made America great.” (taken from South Dakota Motto at Lorahubbel.com on 9/19/13)

About Drugs:  “All drugs are partial poisons and Big Pharma bought off the FDA years ago and neither want prices to go down. Your doctor used to get his license taken away if he didn't prescribe drugs but instead recommended diet and vitamin therapy... I don't know if that is still true. Pharmacy comes from the word "sorcery" for good reason.” (Lora Hubbel Facebook 12/31/2012)

Government ID’s:  “The government is actively stealing your identity. REAL ID and Obamacare dovetail nicely... both want to control, label, subjugate you. We are not acting like a free nation... we are emulating China, North Korea, and Iran.” (Lora Hubbel for Senate Facebook 5/12/2012).

America Runs on Christianity: “America was created to run on Christianity and/or Judaism...it sputters and dies on humanism, agnosticism, atheism, islamism or anything else...just as a Cadillac does when there are impurities in its fuel line....” (Lora Hubbel for Senate Facebook 10/11/2011, and Lora Hubbel Facebook October 15, 2011).

Obama’s 33 Social Security Numbers:  “Orly Tatz has been saying this a long time... she had a 2 hour meeting in Sioux Falls, SD where she showed proof that Obama's grandmother volunteered in the probate office of their county... getting all the deceased people's SS#... Obama's mother had 2 SS#'s and Obama has 33 SS#'s!!! One of Obama's SS#r has been given campaign money from FOX news and another from O"Reilly... so don't expect to see this info on either program!” (Lora Hubbel Facebook 10/27/2011)

Ron Paul & Bombing Auschwitz: “Being that America did NOT support Israel when they asked for bombers to help them destroy Auschwitz and hence we suffered for ignoring them (the Bible says that as a nation does to Israel, so God will do to them, and we suffered in Vietnam that same amount of years as months that we ignored Israel - maybe a coinsidence but may be not)... and similarly Ron Paul would not actively support Israel, I can't support him. And Ron Paul does not acknowledge that Pharmachia and sorcery are the same in the biblical languages of Hebrew and Greek and are WRONG (and i believe are a gateway to hell) I cannot support him... though he would be good as the Sec of Treasury!”  (Lora Hubbel Facebook 3/3/2012)

And there you go. In case you were wondering.