Along my journey as a flawed man, there must be time for reflection and self evaluation.  Otherwise, the subsequent risk of making multiple mistakes in the same categories would render me inept.  

It took me a long time to get to where I currently stand and Lord willing there eventually will be much more ground to cover.  There is zero anticipation that I will take the path of perfection in each instance.

All that needs to be hoped is that I will do my best to shape the conversation toward providing the proper perspective.  One such issue where I believe I can assist is Argus Leader Media Sports Editor Stu Whitney and his recent use of Twitter during the parade of motorcycles during Hot Harley Nights.

For reference, Stu and I will occasionally overlap in our duties of covering certain sporting events in Sioux Falls.  Beyond the occasional chit-chat, we really don’t know each other very well.

I am willing to meet Stu on a couple of fronts.  One of them is being a member of the media.  He and I both realize it doesn’t matter what you do because there will always be detractors and supporters of your efforts.  Plus there is always the potential of making mistakes in our profession.  We are expected to get it right lest our credibility as storytellers be torpedoed.  Thus when needed we make amends swiftly, professionally and publicly.

Additionally, we are both parents.  Trying to set an example for an extremely important individual in our lives is no small task.  Stu’s frustration in trying to be there for his son reflects his need to meet the highest standard possible for his family.  Surely the fatherly see-saw of success and failure is a daily ride.

You may or may not know that my family is a direct beneficiary of the proceeds generated by Hot Harley Nights.  Five years ago my son was diagnosed with Leukemia and became eligible for a Make-a-Wish gift.  The Rainbow play structure currently in our backyard is a stark reminder of previous dark days and the hope of a healthy future.

My words come from a desire to raise a standard.  It is not to manufacture a stunt in order to raise a profile or diminish someone’s accomplishments.  Let it be known that Stu, you are forgiven.  I also wish that you receive a renewed sense of purpose in your journalistic endeavors.