In case you hoped to list Lindsay Lohan as the +1 for your weird cousin's wedding, you may want to hold off.

The once-promising, now-derailing starlet is denying any association with 123 Talent, the firm that wanted to pimp her out for bar mitzvahs and private appearances for the right price.

Backstory: Last week, 123 Talent sent out a pitch letter for private appearances from La Lohan, and included her entire filmography to prove her star wattage.

But TMZ reports that Lohan claims she never signed any sort of contract with the talent agency, and is thus pretty pissed about all this.

The CEO of the North Carolina-based agency told TMZ that he did in fact pitch LiLo legitimately, but that her team "decided to go in another direction." Lohan is still listed on the 123 Talent website, though the CEO admits, "Unfortunately, we are not working with [her]."

For Lohan' part, while she's flat broke, she doesn't think her career has sunk to the "hire me for your nephew's birthday party" level just yet. Aw, sweetie, we know -- just give it til January. (Maybe by then she'll just use the skills she learned for 'I Know Who Killed Me.')