The strain of a family member being treated for COVID-19 and bringing home a newborn during a pandemic can take its toll on anyone. This is part of everyday life is right now. The up-side of this is the resources available to us through the support of your local hospital.

Take for instance the paramedics of the soul. The men and women who look at the spiritual needs of a patient.

Without being able to sit next to them hospital Chaplin’s have had to adapt and adjust their routine care by using phones, and digital apps like Zoom to communicate with the sick.

It could also mean working from home while your kids continue at-home-learning. And even bringing that new baby home.

Routines are important to keep everyone energized and healthy both physically and emotionally.

Health officials recommend that when your work is done and school is finished for the day make sure to “shut down” your work/homework area.  It’s important that you still have boundaries around what is work time and family time.

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